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It was Bill Clinton who said "Baden-Baden is so nice, you have to name it twice", but the city does not only have its very special flair, the region around Baden-Baden offers lots of possibilities for you to enjoy your stay, too! Be it swimming, horse riding, tennis, golf, hot-air balloon rides, guided city tours or sightseeing flights, there is definitely a lot you can do.

Golf enthusiasts will find pleasure in the many golf courses close-by. The courses are part of the Baden-Elsass golf region with more than 9 wonderful golf courses and clubs where you can tee off.

Play Golf around Baden-Baden

Baden-Baden also has a lot to offer for culture lovers. For example, there is the Festspielhaus and the charming Theater of Baden-Baden.

Festspielhaus Baden-Baden

Also not to miss are the semi-annual International Horse Races in Iffezheim at Baden-Baden, which are always a big event and highly popular amongst visitors from all over the world. (Photo courtesy of the International Club)

International Horse Races, Baden-Baden

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